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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

To ensure the health and safety of the AMCA staff — our headquarters colleagues will be working remotely through at least March 27. As always, they will be available through email and phone.

With the physical setup of the AMCA laboratory lending itself to "social distancing," members of the AMCA laboratory team have requested that they be permitted to maintain operations. AMCA senior leadership has decided to honor this request and will continually monitor the situation, ensuring the team's safety is maintained.

Senior staff is reviewing these decisions regularly and we will alert you should anything change.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update Close

Systemair Sdn. Bhd.

Lot 1565, Kampung Jaya Industrial Area Jalan Kusta 13 1/2 Miles , Selangor , 47000 MALAYSIA
+603 6157 1177
+603 6156 6618

Axial Fan

AXC-P Axial Fan

Sound and Air Performance

AXC-PV Vane Axial Fan

Sound and Air Performance

Axial Fan - AXC(A)

Sound and Air Performance
FEG Sound & Air Performance
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    indicates FEG

    FEGModelFEG NumberFEG Peak Total Efficiency
    AXC(A) 1000-12-350
    AXC(A) 1000-6-350
    AXC(A) 1000-9-350
    AXC(A) 1120-12-350
    AXC(A) 1120-6-350
    AXC(A) 1120-9-350
    AXC(A) 1250-12-350
    AXC(A) 1250-6-350
    AXC(A) 1250-9-350
    AXC(A) 1400-12-5006059.5
    AXC(A) 1400-6-5006765.9
    AXC(A) 1400-9-5006763.6
    AXC(A) 1600-12-5007170.2
    AXC(A) 1600-6-5007168.5
    AXC(A) 1600-9-5006765.9
    AXC(A) 315-10-150
    AXC(A) 315-5-150
    AXC(A) 355-10-150
    AXC(A) 355-5-150
    AXC(A) 400-10-150
    AXC(A) 400-5-150
    AXC(A) 450-10-150
    AXC(A) 450-5-150
    AXC(A) 500-10-150
    AXC(A) 500-5-150
    AXC(A) 560-10-150
    AXC(A) 560-5-150
    AXC(A) 630-10-150
    AXC(A) 630-5-150
    AXC(A) 710-10-150
    AXC(A) 710-5-150
    AXC(A) 800-14-250
    AXC(A) 800-7-250
    AXC(A) 900-14-250
    AXC(A) 900-7-250

Vane Axial Fan - AXCV

FEG Sound & Air Performance

Centrifugal Fan

ASP Series SWSI Centrifugal Fan

FEG Sound & Air Performance

BKF Smoke Extract Duct Fan

Sound and Air Performance

DWDI Centrifugal Fan - ADP

FEG Sound & Air Performance

K Sileo Series

Sound and Air Performance
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    K Sileo 100 M 50Hz
    K Sileo 100 M 60Hz
    K Sileo 100 XL 50Hz
    K Sileo 100 XL 60Hz
    K Sileo 125 M 50Hz
    K Sileo 125 M 60Hz
    K Sileo 125 XL 50Hz
    K Sileo 125 XL 60Hz
    K Sileo 150 M 50Hz
    K Sileo 150 M 60Hz
    K Sileo 150 XL 50Hz
    K Sileo 150 XL 60Hz
    K Sileo 160 M 50Hz
    K Sileo 160 M 60Hz
    K Sileo 160 XL 50Hz
    K Sileo 160 XL 60Hz
    K Sileo 200 L 50Hz
    K Sileo 200 L 60Hz
    K Sileo 200 M 50Hz
    K Sileo 200 M 60Hz
    K Sileo 250 L 50Hz
    K Sileo 250 L 60Hz
    K Sileo 250 M 50Hz
    K Sileo 250 M 60Hz
    K Sileo 315 L 50Hz
    K Sileo 315 M 50Hz
    K Sileo 315 M 60Hz

Model CDRD Cabinet In-Line Duct Fan

Sound and Air Performance

MUB(A)/T Kitchen Cabinet Fan

Sound and Air Performance

Rectangular Cabinet Fan Model CDRE

Sound and Air Performance

Propeller Fan

AAW Plate Axial Fan

Sound and Air Performance

AW Sileo Axial Fan

Sound and Air Performance

Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.